Monday, October 15, 2007

History ~ Time Travelers Unit Studies

DD and I are really, really enjoying the Time Travelers New World Explorer Unit Study, by Homeschooling in The Woods. Amy was wonderful to do business with, and is a homeschooling mom herself. She and her family did a tremendous job on these unit studies! We absolutely cannot wait to move on to the other units. In this pic, dd is holding her "Old Ships Log," her "Ptolemaic Map" and the anatomy of a ship (just one of the very many mini projects included, to be compiled into a lapbook at the end of the unit!). The amount of projects you end up with at the end of this unit is amazing! You can see a picture of them here. In our picture, on dd's lap is her Notebook. So during the process of going through this unit, your child is also lapbooking and notebooking and ends up with a complete one of each at the end of the unit. { TTLapbook outside/inside & TTNotebook} Every day is laid out for you with lesson text, projects and all the project pages and instructions you will need. With one day being a project day to finish up any in-complete projects for that week. These units are really well done! I HIGHLY recommend! Stay tuned for more fun projects!

updated to add: I just discovered that this Old Testament Lapbook that I have been searching for, for quite sometime, is ALSO done by Homeschool In The Woods! It's their Old Testament Hands-On Activity Pak. I should have know! Have I already said that you MUST check this company out? Because you must.. :-)

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