Monday, October 15, 2007

"Daddy's Shirt" Dress?

We had a great time sewing last week! Discovered an awesome way of making a very cute dress out of Daddy's old shirt, and a neat (and easy) wrap skirt. I found them both on one of my favorite blogs! See both posts here, and the directions for making the dress here, and the skirt here then here. The front of the dress is the back of daddy's old shirt, the back of the dress is the front of daddy's old shirt and the pantaloons are daddy's old sleeves!

I love the skirt, as it is very flattering & I love long skirts! It was very simple and whipped up in just a few hours. I plan on making several more of these! The (wrinkly) skirt pics are at the end of the slide show :-D {Note: Please forgive the wrinkles, as I had to quickly jump into bed to nurse a sleepy teething baby back to sleep, LOL }now, on to the show.....

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