Saturday, April 5, 2008

Does $10 go a long way?

When it comes to a produce Co-op, it does!

We are pretty pleased with our stash from the Produce Co-op we joined. The Co-op is a group of folks who come together to buy fruits and veggies in bulk. In GA, one family goes to the Georgia State Farmers Market every 2 weeks, and purchase fruits and veggies in bulk. They then bring them all home and divide them up among all the family "Baskets". This means that each family is able to get more for their money than they would at their local grocery store.

This is our first week, and we were a little bit unprepared. We brought this big basket, that we THOUGHT would be big enough, but others were there with laundry baskets! So, hubby grabbed one of the smaller stashes ( I wouldn't have done that, but momma was busy with baby in the car) and packed our basket up, and in two weeks, we'll be better prepared with a much larger vessel of some sort!

So here's what we got for $10:

1 lb Strawberries
1 lb Broccoli
1 bunch Bananas
2 lbs Carrots
2 ears Corn (? maybe this smaller stash was for non-corn lovers?)
5 Apples
5 Potatoes
1 lb Grapes
2 Heads Lettuce
2 heads Collard Greens

Now, I think that's pretty good, especially for one of the smaller bounty's. It worked out just fine, because this is just enough for our small family of 4, for 2 weeks. We look forward to our next visit, when we will be much more prepared and hopefully, just as pleased!

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