Thursday, November 29, 2007

Knitting. Crocheting. Lets Talk!

Ok, so to update everyone on the world I have been living in for the past couple of weeks!, :-D I am currently working on several projects, both Knit and crochet, for the holidays. In doing this, I have opened up a world I new nothing about. Oh, the community that exists of people with this like interest, is phenomenal! So, here goes:

Websites & Blogs:
Ravelry - I so want a Ravelry page, but alas, I am on the waiting list.
Crochetme - A great Crochet community by the author of the book by the same name. Be sure to check out the very cool Blog as well!
BrooklynTweed - This guy's talent is beyond belief!
Betz White - Felted Cup o' Joe's as seen on Martha.
Happy Yellow House - Free Patterns for Crocheted Afghans!
Handable - Home of KnitAble, CrochetAble & Countable PDA sofware! Keep track of your knitting projects, stash, needles, patterns, gifts, etc. How could I pass it up!
KnitMap - Have you seen this!!! Find your local yarn shop! Oh beauty, we found one nearby and a girlfriend and I will be taking a day trip to THIS beautiful shop near us. Find the shop near you!
Oneskein - the knit-A-Long blog to the companion book (see below).
PurlSOhO - a pretty place to shop...
Susan B. Anderson - Blog of the author of the amazing "Itty Bitty Nursery" book. (see below)

Books: See side panel under "Books I'm reading! There's a whole section there with my Crochet/Knit titles in order of adoration! :-D

Monday, November 5, 2007

I love a fire! Big update...

What a pretty fire hubby threw together. It's just a tiny bit nippy in the morning now, but with one of these fires going, we can warm the house up and save cash by not messing with the thermostat! :-)

Please accept apologies for not updating in so long, there has been so much going on. Obviously, the Holidays beginning are part of the chaos. We went away for a long week on vacation during the week of Thanksgiving, and sice we've been back the babe and I have both been sick and are just starting to see the light of days again. So, what have I been up to:

~~~~I AM IN LOVE ~~~

Truly! No honestly! I have found a hobby that I cannot put down. CROCHETING and KNITTING! I love them, love, love, love them both! I have been doing a massive amount of "yarn arts" over the past couple of weeks and am in progress of completing all of our Christmas gifts for our family. So, need I say that future posts will probably have quit a bit to do with my new found love!

stay tuned!

Got Milk? Yes! But NOT your kind!

I have been a raw milk believer for quite some time now. It is illegal to sell raw milk in GA for human consumption. Why? Not sure.. Only thing I can think of is maybe DOA and GA Government, and the dairy industry won't make the billions they generate by pushing the processed poison they call milk? Anyways, the only way to buy raw milk, is to buy PET milk, milk for your "pet" to consume. Recently, the Ga Department of Agriculture decided it would be a good idea to try to make farmers have to put a gray dye in all raw milk. BAD IDEA GUYS! I have a better idea ~ mind your business and allow ME to feed my family with what I feel is best!


Re-discovering a Lovely Hobby

I Love, Love, Love this necklace!

While pregnant, I took up crocheting to pass time, and make cuties for the new babe. After babe came along, I stopped and have just recently re-started my addictive compulsion! LOL. I am all-in, head first, and there's no coming up for air! :-D .

I have decided to make all of our Christmas gifts this year, and what you see here is one gift I plan on trying my best to conquer! A new friend has these beautiful necklaces, and bracelets for sale at her Etsy shop. She will have the patterns for sale as well, and I'll post the link here as soon as they are all available!

In addition to the above thread crocheted item, the following items are on my Work in Progress Christmas list (WIPCL):

1 Afghan
2 Tea & Cookie Sets
1 Poncho
1 Amigurumi Doll
2 Little Bunny's
1 felted Checkers set
5 convertabe Neck warmers/hats
1 Flannel Travelghan
1 Pair slippers
3 Necklace sets
1 set Rattles

Wow, what a list... I think I forgot something! I'll keep everyone posted as I finish my projects!
Happy Monday!

Wonderful Gathering of Friends!

Well we had a grand time yesterday and a big bash at my home! It was nice, and the first party I have had in a great while. I have been very busy planning for this, and it was well worth it. We had a lovely lady here from Stampin'up , who showed us how to make beautiful cards that look like expensive, personalized stationary cards that cost $3 - $4 each, but cost MUCH less! We also learned how to make beautiful holiday gifts, and how to use the stamps to add elements to a wall. The menu was:

Rice & Beans
Deviled Eggs
Salad with Homemade Dressing
Fruit & Veggie Platter
Pumpkin Bread
Harvest Mini- Muffins
Connie's Banana Pudding! (This was SUCH a hit!)

The kids had a great time, and I can't wait for my next swaree!