Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Hats, Scarves Bags, and Boxes

Boy, what a bunch of updates I have! I have been so bad at keeping everything updated, but I will truly try much harder to stay up to date here. Our horrible HughesNet connection is partly to blame, and the rest is simply time. I think if my connection as faster, my time issue would probably resolve itself. But, until then.. we carry on.. :-)

First, a FO:
My dear sons new hat, scarf and mitts set! Isn't he a cutey pie!

And a WIP:

Chevron Scarf
Pattern: Scarf Style by Interweave Press
Yarn: Bernat Softee Chunky

I've wanted to try this pattern, and being a new knitter, decided I would do this in a solid color first time around, not expecting much.. I L-O-V-E it! The pattern is really very, very simple, and produces such lovely results ~ even in a solid color. Can't wait to see it some to life in color!

We are gearing up for our new Homeschool year (yes, we start just about anytime during the year!). Our Sonlight curriculum just arrived in the mail and it looks like so much fun! Now, we await our Math U See Beta and Abeka Cursive Handwriting and we're off the the races! It's also time to get our reading list in for the six flags 6 hour reading program and time to sign up for the Pizza Hut Book It! program.

On the home front:

Listen In:
Momma's sweet baby crying sleepily as he learns to fall asleep on his own..

View from the front window:
Nippy, nippy.. wait! Is that snow?!

Supper Plans:
Cabbage and Ground turkey (Yum!)

In the garden:
Gardening Plans: We will begin out Square Foot porch garden any day now!

Beauty in the common things:
The peace of sweet baby boy finally falling asleep (yes, that quickly!) and the quiet time between then and the moment I lay my head down (The ONLY few tranquil minutes I have all day!)

On the Needles & Hooks:
hmm, lets see: 2 hooded scarves that are just draaaging on.. , socks, sleeves & a Chevron scarf. In the next week: Another diaper soaker for the baby, Tiramisu Baby Blanket (gift), Koolhaas hat and the Hemlock! (Yes! Can't wait!)

Something New:
My beautiful new Lexie Barnes Lady B knitting bag! Love it! All the room I need, I can get a few small project, a couple of large projects, all my needles and all my every day stuff (including a diaper!) in this bag! It's water proof, has sturdy, non-slip shoulder straps, double zipper, matching needle cases, TONS of pockets, and is absolutely gorgeous to boot! (see pics below!)


Sunday, February 3, 2008

My new year is just beginning!

well, I really need to blog more often. Today is a new day! I will blog more often, as I settle into my new home/homeschool/cleaning schedule. So this is a quick update.

what's new in knitting? my baby boys adorable hat!

what's new around the house?
a new schedule that I think will really work! I've kept my days, and added seasonal, etc. but enough that I'm doing small intervals of cleaning in between this littel guy wanting my attention.

what's new in sewing?
I need to get my machine fixed, as the tension is off, and it doesn't matter what I do, nothing works. then I need to make 2 aprons and a knitting needle case, for all my beautiful new needles I got for my birthday from my dear hubby!!! ( I must blgo about my beautiful needles later!).

what's new with friends?
ahhh, a dear frined is leaving to go to California! I will miss her dearly, but luckily, the internet and other modern techno's make the world a much smaller place. Of course, that doens't mean that lovely "written" letters on beautiful paper, won't be in order!

I know this is a quick post, but I promise to give more detail this week. Until then..