Monday, December 29, 2008

A knitters Journal

Of course, Ravelry is the ultimate be-all of needle art organization for most fiber artists, but I've come to realize that electronic organization is not for everyone.  It seems, more and more people have joined the movement back to pen and paper organization.  

While browsing for a Nintendo DS sock pattern, I came across this VERY neat knitting journal!  I absolutely love the idea (and I'll be sure to post pics of my own journal when I get around to making one)!  As much as I love Ravelry (and I do!), one must admit that there is NO substitute for the *touch and feel* of fiber arts. There's a certain sensual tingle that runs up every knitters spine when they run a piece of luxurious, fluffy, silky fiber through their fingers. A knitting journal is the perfect way to combine this strange "touchy" addiction with the ability to keep track of projects, needles, stash, and gift and queue lists. A physical journal is the perfect place for fiber swatches ~ wether it be the yarn for that specific knitting project, or the roving for your next creatively designed handspun yarn ~ swatches are perfect - the touch and the feel.  As long as you have all of the proper elements, a journal should be fairly simple and fun to assemble. Grace, at Kathyrn, has been so completely thorough in this area, by providing everything you need to get started - and it's all free!   The site even includes all of the free printable pages you'll need to create your own fiber organizational masterpiece! 

Put THAT on your New Years Resolution list! ;-D 

Friday, December 26, 2008

It's all come to a Cohesive Culmination!

Ok, so there's a double meaning here..  

Firstly, please visit my dear friends new blog!  There are only a few posts, but he is VERY new to the blogoshpere, and I've found his posts to be quit interesting thus far!!! (
although I may be a bit biased.. :-D ).  Oh!  While your there, click on a few ad links to cheer him up this holiday season! 

Yes, all of my Christmas knitting, and other planning has come to a very neat finale, and it was a beautiful day!!!  Our family is SUCH a blessing!!  We have done al we can to teach our children about the true meaning of Christmas - the celebration of Christs birth, the wonderful gift of the ability to GIVE, and a time of family bonding.  They honestly LOVE the family bonding time, and I couldn't imagine Christmas without it.  It has to be the biggest part of Christmas for us!  

I spoke with a friend yesterday, who did NOT share that family time.  For the first time, is dawned on me, that this is not the way for Christmas for everyone!  Some spend this holiday (and others) alone. Some  spend it with acquaintances, or even friends, but there are those who spend it alone.  What a breakthrough for me! Thank you LORD for the family time you have given us, I will cherish it and never take it for granted again! 

Tuesday, December 9, 2008