Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stitches South Pic!

Well, I swear I'm making an earnest effort to keep up with blogging on this personal blog! I've got to get better at it, and I will be using it as an accountability point as well! (As you can see, I've already failed by missing 2 "tackle tuesdays" in a row!).

So, excuse me as I update, with a few pics of what we've been up to lately. The first pic being of my 2 pumpkin butts in front of our LYS's (local yarn shop's) vw bug! This was at Stitches south last wee, we had a Ball!!
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Fullearths is in full swing!

I've been uber busy trying to keep up with everything, I think mostly because I re-opened business. Yaay!

BUT its like adding kid number 3 ya know? The adjustment period? Well, same thing.. boy, this new "baby" has me running circles! However, I'm sure that, in time things will settle all in, and I dream of a home that runs like a well oiled business! ;-)

In the meantime, soap:
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