Monday, October 1, 2007

I've decided to join these lovely ladies, over at "Less of Me.." in planning my week. So in addition to my usual Commitment to Loveliness, I will begin posting "Monday Meanderings" each monday. This is so that I can seperate my more-practical weekly goals, from the more-"lovely" weekly goals. Some will probably be the same, but there will be some that differ on each list. So here we go:

  1. Bible Study/ Devotions ~
    This week, I will continue my study of Godly Beauty and begin to "Really" read the book "Escape to God" by Jim Hohnberger.
  2. "Must Do"~
    • - Take a little time and Bless each room to "Return" my house to Home, after a very hectic last week.
    • COMPLETE my menu plan.
    • Begin 1st week of my "12-Week Christian Holiday Planner".
    • Plan Sabbath School lesson for this Sabbath.
  3. Home Project~
    I would really like to get my pantry back! SO this week I am going to commit to getting that pantry re-organized!
  4. Train Them Up~
  1. Menu Planning~
    • When I have finished planning my monthly rotating menu, I will post here wach week what the plan is for that week.


Sallie said...

I look forward to seeing your menu.. your plans sound great!

God bless,

Tiany said...

You have such a lovely blog! I have enjoyed perusing through this evening.

Looks like you have a wonderful week planned out, I pray it has been a productive one for you!


n said...

Thank you so much Sallie and Tiany! My menu is done, and I'll be posting in a few days! (yaay, very excited!)