Thursday, November 29, 2007

Knitting. Crocheting. Lets Talk!

Ok, so to update everyone on the world I have been living in for the past couple of weeks!, :-D I am currently working on several projects, both Knit and crochet, for the holidays. In doing this, I have opened up a world I new nothing about. Oh, the community that exists of people with this like interest, is phenomenal! So, here goes:

Websites & Blogs:
Ravelry - I so want a Ravelry page, but alas, I am on the waiting list.
Crochetme - A great Crochet community by the author of the book by the same name. Be sure to check out the very cool Blog as well!
BrooklynTweed - This guy's talent is beyond belief!
Betz White - Felted Cup o' Joe's as seen on Martha.
Happy Yellow House - Free Patterns for Crocheted Afghans!
Handable - Home of KnitAble, CrochetAble & Countable PDA sofware! Keep track of your knitting projects, stash, needles, patterns, gifts, etc. How could I pass it up!
KnitMap - Have you seen this!!! Find your local yarn shop! Oh beauty, we found one nearby and a girlfriend and I will be taking a day trip to THIS beautiful shop near us. Find the shop near you!
Oneskein - the knit-A-Long blog to the companion book (see below).
PurlSOhO - a pretty place to shop...
Susan B. Anderson - Blog of the author of the amazing "Itty Bitty Nursery" book. (see below)

Books: See side panel under "Books I'm reading! There's a whole section there with my Crochet/Knit titles in order of adoration! :-D

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