Monday, November 5, 2007

I love a fire! Big update...

What a pretty fire hubby threw together. It's just a tiny bit nippy in the morning now, but with one of these fires going, we can warm the house up and save cash by not messing with the thermostat! :-)

Please accept apologies for not updating in so long, there has been so much going on. Obviously, the Holidays beginning are part of the chaos. We went away for a long week on vacation during the week of Thanksgiving, and sice we've been back the babe and I have both been sick and are just starting to see the light of days again. So, what have I been up to:

~~~~I AM IN LOVE ~~~

Truly! No honestly! I have found a hobby that I cannot put down. CROCHETING and KNITTING! I love them, love, love, love them both! I have been doing a massive amount of "yarn arts" over the past couple of weeks and am in progress of completing all of our Christmas gifts for our family. So, need I say that future posts will probably have quit a bit to do with my new found love!

stay tuned!

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