Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Amazing Fabric Prices!

So, the color of our walls somewhat surprised us. See, they were to be a beautiful serene sand color. It is a textured paint, and has tiny black specks throughout. Well, we bought 4 gallons of it FIVE years ago!!! LOL (I know!) But, we opened it last week and it looked great! We painted and all was well, until it dried ~ at which time it took on a greenish tone. So now the room's walls are an earthy maroon and green! Ok! I'll work with that! I am going to make my own throw pillows and table cloths for end tables. So, I went looking for fabric. Of course Walmart's $1 fabric section was my first stop! But, to no avail, no upholstery fabric there. And their regular upholstery fabric was $8/yd. Yikes!!! So, a friend of mine mentioned a place, and took me there last week. PHENOMENAL! A warehouse, nothing particularly pretty, but if your willing to jump into the HUGE pile of remnant fabric, you will be rewarded with a "50 cents per pound" price tag!!! I was able to get these fabric remnants, all for $3.25! And an extra $1 for 2 lbs of fabric my DD picked out for herself. I'll never shop anywhere else for fabric EVER again! ;-D

I believe I will use the darker solid & rose print on the side end tables... the solid as table cloth, and the roses as a runner. I will be making 3 huge floor 'throw' pillows, for extra seating, from the lighter solid in the background.

And these will be my coordnating sofa throw pillows. I'll also be using the piping on everything to pull them all together a bit!

$3.25! Did I already mention, I'll never shop anywhere else for fabric EVER again!

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