Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 is here! yaay!!

I don't really think i should be blogging today, considering my mind is in a HUGE fog, so much so, that I ended up in Breman, GA, 40 minutes west of Atlanta, when I SHOULD have been on my way headed east!

So, anyways, I have big plans this year - bigger than I knew! This year, I plan to have the home I've always wanted.. clean, organized, welcoming and always full of people! That's right! I plan on upping the visitor factor BIG time.. visitors, lunches, a few dinner parties and special events should make the place fun. I also plan on finishing a few home projects we have in the works and taking our homeschooling and our marriage to a whole new lever this year. BIG goals for a big year!

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Heritage of Home said...

Hello "n". Thankyou for sharing on my post today! Actually, the netbooks just arrived! Like 10 minutes ago! How good the Lord God is to us!
Anyhow, my husband researched how to load the sos on the netbooks. He knows much more than I do about that. I hear there is a site that was made by other sos users for older sos curriculum on the actual aop site. There is supposed to be a link there. But I haven't checked it yet!
I pray you do well and that the Lord is gracious to your family in it!