Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Hell Hole to Haven in One Week Flat!"

Ok so, as I moped around the house last week, asking the inevitable "Why Me?" questions, something came to me.. My home, my balance, my life is in the chaos it is in because of something I am doing. right? So I scoured the internet in search of answers.. hours upon hours, I spent, searching. (those of you who know me, KNOW that I can research the hell out of anything!). I looked high and low for answers, how do I bring it all back under control.. the house, the laundry, our schedule, my business.. It took DAYS of research and in the end, I came to no further of a conclusion then where I had began.. But the answer DID come! it was a light bulb moment that hit me days after the research and inquiries were far gone.


That's it. What had I been searching for? A magic pill.. a formula of some kind that I could mix in a bottle, sprinkle across my kitchen and watch the haven I have been looking for appear?! that wasn't happening. I had researched, and researched.. and the truth was, I knew it all already! I hadn't learned anything new. I read and re-read the same answers I had read 2 years ago, when the same boat capsized! I know about flylady, I know every group on yahoo, every homekeeping site on the web, every book, every method, I have been there.. done them all and failed at each and every one! :-) SO, what was the answer?

IT wasn't WHAT I was doing, it was what I WASN'T doing!

fatigue. kids. lack of sleep. over-scheduling. yada, yada, yada.. if there's an excuse out there, I've used it! well, clearly the problem is that NOTHING is getting done.. no, the problem is that I am DOING NOTHING! (don't fight me on that, I have plenty of proof!) Everything I read tells me to take it slow..15 minutes here, half an hour there, baby steps... Right? for me? Wrong! I'm no good at baby steps, so for the next week, I will be taking this hell hole I call my life, and making it into the haven I want to be a part of. With Gods guidance, this 1 week boot camp, will put me back on track and keep me there.


I know, I asked the same thing? What will make this time any different then the other times. This time.. I have MY answer..

It wasn't WHAT I was doing, it was what I WASN'T doing!

I've learned that every bit of it boils down to discipline! Yep, DISCIPLINE! That's the difference! That's the one thing that not too many homemaking sites and methods talk about, and you know what? THATS what it takes. The discipline to get up when your body says no. The discipline to shut up when you wanna say what's on your mind. The discipline to keep on going when all you want to do is stop. The discipline to shut it down, when you want to keep on going. The discipline to Do what I say I will DO. The most successful people in the world, are that way because they have disciplined themselves beyond what the average joe cares to deal with (a very difficult place to be for a naturally un-disciplined person).


THIS week, I will get up off of my lazy butt, EVEN when I don't feel like it and do the things I have scheduled to do. THIS week, if I am too tired because I stayed up too late - SUCKS to be me! THIS week, NO excuse will be enough. THIS week - By the power of God, I will BE disciplined, i will commit to making it happen.. because frankly, that's ALL. IT. TAKES.


Rhonda said...

I really like this post.. discipline is overlooked when we talk about about soultions, thank you for a great post.

"The discipline to shut up when you wanna say what's on your mind."

Sure wish I would have read that a couple of days ago, but the damage as been done. Got any ideas on making amends?

n said...

hahaha! Rhonda, I've gotten myself in trouble a few as well.. sorry, can't help you there! But if you figure out the amends, let me know! LOL