Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Throwing in the Towel..

Well, I'm considering gong back to work.. Why? I'm no good at what I do here. simple enough!   All the kid training, house cleaning, cooking, teaching etc. Is not what I'm "trained" for, so I've reached my last straw and decided it's time to hang it all up.  I did believe that it was my God given duty to be here, caring for my family and raising Godly children, but obviously that's not his plan for me, or my kids, so I know when to quit fighting.  I'll do much better bringing in enough income to send the kids somewhere, and pay someone to clean the house.  

Big dreams of a farm and living sustainably destroyed, I know.. but what else is there to do? Some are cut out for it, and others.. are not. I'm one of the others..  Do I think it's best for my kids? At this point, I think it's better.  Not sure how the whole thing will play out, not sure of the details, but I'll keep things updated as I go along. Who knows, maybe now, I can actually keep this blog up to date?! ;-) 

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RealHustla said...

You're right. How can we be expected to excel at something we were never trained to do? But I don't think that means we should give up on our dreams.

I mean, I often wonder about what all my duties were in the first place since I do everything. It's all a blur. However, I'm learning to be satisfied with doing the best I can and that's probably why you're throwing in the towel, because you don't think that you can do your best where you are. Good luck!