Sunday, June 22, 2008

Puppia Harness - Now available!

Our new shop, Puppia Pets, is now stocked with beautiful harnesses for your pet. So, why a Puppia Harness? Here are just a few reasons, the Puppia Harness is a best bet for your small dog:

- High quality materials are used in manufacturing. Makes for a very durable Puppia Harness!
- No velcro, so your pup will NOT pull away. Velcro harnesses can be dangerous for very active pooches.
- Puppia Harnesses have the sizing down! They are very well fitting, making them exceptionally comfortable for your pet.
- No neck/throat strain. If you have a small breed (like my pug, Pinky), then you know how delicate their throats can be. This harness puts the pressure of pulling across the chest, as opposed to the throat.
- The Puppia Mesh Harness is awesome in the summer heat!
- More control for you! It is easier to control a dog across the chest, then it is to control by the neck alone.

These are just a few reasons the Puppia Harness is one of the most popular small dog harnesses available today. For A full selection of Puppia Harnesses ( including the Puppia Orion, Puppia Rainbow, Puppia Dotty, and the Puppia Spring Harness ), at VERY impressive prices, check out Puppia Pets!


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