Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday!!!

.. begins again!  with.... CLUTTER.. oh, the big C word is my home's greatest downfall!!  So, I have NO choice but to take part in the big declutter.. I'll pick a spot later and DD and I will knock it out and post our before and after pics.  Wish my luck! I'm gonna need it! 

ps:  Thank You, 5 minutes for mom for motivating me to this end!  (can you tell where I spent time this morning? she has some awesome pics of her cluttered zone destroyed!) 

Moms! Win an HP mini 1000!

I know I've been gone for quit a bit!  Spending a lot of time at my other blog, re-opening Fullearths, etc. and getting my new etsy shop up and running - all in addition to being at home, homeschooling, housekeeping, meal making, wife being, soap making, order knitting - has taken up much of my time! LOL  BUT,  I rejoin you, oh momma bloggers with a awesome mom give away from 5 minutes for mom.com - a New HP Mini 1000 laptop computer.  Itty bitty tiny techy cutey ( I must admit for a mac girl, it's rather cute!)  So head on over (the computer link will take you right there) and sign up for the drawing! I am!